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Meet Lisa Botts

Riddled with panic attacks and ongoing heart palpitations in 2015. It became clear to me that I needed to slow way down.

I ditched anxiety-producing habits and focused on myself, the people and moments that nourished me on a soul level. There was a deep energetic shift that felt easy.

I committed to living a lifestyle of ease. Not knowing what that looked like in a society that places a high value on hustle, hard work and being busy. I observed an indoctrinated culture where “the struggle is real” and slowing down is a skill set.

Since then I have been crafting a life of ease, freedom
and creativity that others have benefited from. A healing blend of meditation, kundalini yoga, reiki, sound healing and emotions coaching has helped my clients and students to realize where their emotional beliefs keep them stuck. Once removed they move forward in life with profound ease. It is possible. Your real life is waiting for you.

 Live easy,
Lisa Botts
Certified Emotions Coach

KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher + Sound Healer + Reiki Energy Guide
IKYTA member


Lisa Botts is everything a Teacher embodies. Her Being-ness is a transmission in itself. she wears her wisdom lightly and with a sweet humor, and holds her own humanness up to let others know it is safe to simply “begin”. - Andi S.