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The Sukha Life Foundation

The purpose of the Sukha Life foundation is to cover the tuition of one person (or more) per year  for Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles.

This notion came to me to help others blossom into the fullest expression of themselves through the Kundalini Yoga Teacher experience. My teacher training experience was, and continues to be, the most profound transformation. Especially in the ways we can touch humanity and affect the trajectory of another's future in a positive way.

This idea is in it's infancy. What it looks like right now is covering the tuition of one person who needs a pivot in their life. This person will show promise and the desire to teach many people. And will be chosen from groups who fall into any of these categories:


  • suffer from anxiety/depression
  • are LGBTQ
  • young, single mothers
  • rising from homelessness