It's time for you.

The relationship you have with yourself is the longest you'll ever have.

You are your best friend, your lover and there's no one who knows you like you do.

It is time for you to grow into the person that you know you could be. 

So how do you want to spend time with you?

Struggling, confused, frustrated, disheartened and being your own worst critic? 


Radiant, energetic, clear, calm, and fulfilled?

You matter.

And this is your time to consciously create your next phase through creating a new relationship with your emotions. 

If you're ready to finally have that breakthrough with your Emotional Health, then Life 2.0 with Lisa is the answer.

Now is your time to consciously create your next phase through a new understanding of your emotions.

Just like sight, touch, smell, taste and sound your emotions are your senses that guide you through life. They have incredible gifts for you like empowerment, contentment, joy, unconditional love, acceptance and fulfillment.

In the Life 2.0 program Lisa will guide you through your emotional healing and support you in your personal growth in a way that feels safe to explore your emotions.

Get to the bottom of cycles and triggers that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns

Understand the roles and gifts of the 7 heavy emotions of desire, grief, anger, fear, guilt, shame and depression. They all play a role in your day to day decisions and life outcomes. 

Be fully supported and held in a safe space that facilitates your personal healing and growth.

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Testimonials from Lisa's Clients

Lisa's guidance is so gentle, loving and innately intuitive.

Through her profound insight she was able to open up exactly what I need to see. The beautiful thing about her work is she does not do the work for you. Lisa creates a safe and understanding platform for You to do the work and get to the other side.

Lisa empowered me with the tools and knowing to get me to open my heart, move away the fear by facing the fear.
- Trishia G.

From the moment I met Lisa I knew she was a kind, caring soul.

I immediately felt her positive energy and almost instantly felt better. I work and live a fast-paced, busy, stressful life and I am always in need of some calming, positive energy.

I feel like a new person after each session.

I couldn't have found a better person to assist with my new spiritual path in life. 
- Jen M.

Life 2.0 is a 7-month custom crafted private coaching program with Lisa Botts.

21 one hour 1:1 zoom coaching sessions with Lisa (3 one hour sessions per month)

Meditations to facilitate your understanding, healing and command of your emotions.

7 pre-recorded sound healing sessions to listen to anytime.

Worksheets to help you further understand the value of your emotions and how to work with them in a lasting way. 

Make this the time you do something for you. 

Investment is $1,111 per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the calls? - At a mutually convenient time for both of us.  There are flexible scheduling option and changes are possible as necessary during the 7-month term, in order to best meet your needs.  

How do we meet?   We meet online using ZOOM, an online platform that allows us to make video call.  You can use a phone, tablet, or computer

Do I get a recording of our calls?   That is totally up to you.  I have clients that do want a recording and others who do not.

What if I need to reschedule?  You will be able to do that using my online calendar system, where you can find a better time that is more convenient.  I allow you to reschedule up to 30 minutes before our scheduled call.  There is no extra charge to reschedule when you need to.

Do I need anything special for our sessions?  Only a notebook and pen.   You can download the sound bath audio files and listen to them whenever you want.

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